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We spend months traveling to find the best quality beads and findings available so we can create custom designs of superior quality for our customers. Created by Chuck or Connie our custom beaded pieces are "one of a kind". You will find much more than what our website contains when you visit us at any of our shows - please check our show schedule or e-mail us with any questions.,

Along with our custom work, we are a proud authorized Marahlago Larimar dealer. Marahlago is by far the world's premier Larimar artist. Every Marahlago Larimar collection features exceptional designs that enhance the natural beauty of this exotic stone and is meticuluosly crafted to last a lifetime. To ensure your Larimar pieces are the best quality jewelry available, made from well crafted settings with the highest grade of natural Larimar, look for the Marahago logo trademark carven into every piece.

A single square kilometer holds the world's only source of Larimar . Completely natural, not dyed, cultured or stabilized, Marahlago Larimar's mesmerizing blue color ranges from sky blue with wispy clouds to a deep ocean blue and no two stones are ever alike. Therefore it is important to remember that the pictures on our site are sample pictures and your Larimar piece may differ slightly from that pictured, but every piece of Marahlago Larimar is exquisite and brings with it majestic features of this gem.

Native American jewelry is also a very important aspect of our business. We meet with many Zuni and Navajo nationally known Native American artist "Effie", Maryann Spencer, Eugene Bellone and many others. By hand selecting each piece, we are able to offer you the finest workman ship available with the entire United States.

We also offer our customers a large variety of Fashion Jewelry and College sports charms, so be sure to take time to visit each category ....we are sure you will love what we have. Follow us on Facebook for all the newest additions to our inventory.

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